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Business Coach

Find out what your team needs from you now and how you can become more independent as an entrepreneur.

Growth for your business and as a manager

You want to discuss a situation or gain clarity about it. Achieve a higher impact in the external perception and the tasks. You would like to think about and further develop the cooperation from the future.


Communication is a very common word. It is the be-all and end-all for companies and takes place at a wide variety of levels. If we want to understand each other better, regular and constructive exchange helps. We would like to be treated with respect in conversation and sometimes find it difficult.

Working together

Even if the matter is already clear in itself, teamwork suffers. Paul Watzlawick said that the relationship determines the content. A closer look could reveal what a team keeps bumping into. Teams consist of personalities with individual backgrounds, experiences and goals.

Development is change

Corporate structures are often deadlocked: processes are routine, roles are distributed and things are good the way they are. Measured against what is happening on the market, a deeper look into the company is necessary to confirm whether this is actually the case. Even small changes can bring about a new effect:

To begin a new life

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Business Coach

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1:1 Coaching hours

Together we can create new perspectives, examine your past and thoroughly determine current situations. In doing so, we find out from which aspects it comes and look for solutions on how you can master them. 1:1 coaching can be booked individually – you determine the duration. Alternatively, I have 6 month and 1 year packages that are offered to you at better prices.


Seminars can help to gain new perspectives and deepen existing knowledge. They’re a great way to stay motivated and grow. In addition, seminars enable exchanges with other participants who have had similar experiences.

What would that change in your life?

You may be wondering whether it is really worth investing time, energy and money in business coaching for your company. Of course, this depends on various factors, such as the goals you are pursuing with it. However, business coaching is one of the most individual and sustainable forms of personnel development, which brings important advantages for entrepreneurs as well as for the company:


Higher self-confidence and more confidence

Good business coaching encourages entrepreneurs and at the same time gives them enough freedom to master existing and future challenges independently – and that strengthens self-confidence.

Change of perspective

 Business coaches look at the respective situation with sufficient distance and comprehensive expertise and thus recognize „blind spots“ more quickly. 

Leaving the comfort zone

„We’ve always done it this way“ is a much-used excuse in everyday work when someone refuses to change. Coaches support their clients in breaking new ground and finding long-term solutions to recurring problems.

Better leadership skills

Business coaching helps entrepreneurs and managers to better understand their own role, assess their strengths and weaknesses and develop professionally.

More productivity

When people focus on what they do best, they work more efficiently and are more motivated. Coaching builds on this – and that not only has a positive effect on the managers, but also on the company as a whole.

Better Results and Greater Earnings

Business coaching helps organizations clearly articulate goals, develop a sound business strategy, and identify key actions to achieve those goals. The result is impressive: higher profits and more income.

What thoughts keep you busy?

The constant virtual work exhausts me

Business coaching offers you space for exchange, reflection and solutions that lie within you.

Business Coach

my positioning as a woman in business

Without the right and effective strategy, you will never get the results you want. I will show you the most effective strategies of the most successful men. You will learn structures and processes that you need so that success can remain in your business. You will also learn how to avoid costly mistakes .

✔︎ Marketing & Strategy
✔︎ Crisis-proof leadership skills
✔︎ Communication
✔︎ Investing

You will find out which routines you really need to achieve high performance every dayto deliver, and to have time for your family on a regular basis. You will learn how to achieve your financial goals safely and reliably. Learn step by step how to really plan properly – for more personal and business success


If you are seriously interested in working together, first have a free preliminary talk with your coach. In this session you get to know each other and clarify how working together suits both sides and how your coach can support you perfectly with your topic.


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